Gallery of Commercial Aviation | Museum of Flying

Gallery of Commercial Aviation | Museum of FlyingGallery of Commercial Aviation

Slated to open in January 2019 is the Museum’s first-ever comprehensive exhibit honoring the exciting world of airline travel. Located in the main entry foyer, this corner-stone exhibit will contain a wide array of original high-end collectible airliner models and a life-time collection of never-before-seen airline service pins and wings. Complementing the colorful display cases will be large airliner photographs and original Douglas Aircraft Company artwork adorning the walls with informative new signage as well. Specially designed to recapture the magic and elegance of airline travel during the Golden Age of Commercial Aviation, this exhibit is sure to please adults and children alike.

Douglas Aircraft Company Artwork | Museum of FlyingHow Airplanes Are Built

Located in the “Children’s Hall” at the North end of the Museum is this self-titled photo display showing the general step-by-step process of how a small private plane was designed, built, tested, and then delivered to the customer in the days before CADD (computer-aided design and development). Showing the now-classic 1947 Republic Seabee amphibian, a post-World War II family airplane, this exhibit contains a rare original factory blueprint used in the actual construction of the Seabee.


Airline Service Pins and Wings | Museum of FlyingDouglas In Flight Test

Coming in the first quarter of 2019, this wall-mounted display will include an original large-scale factory model of the Skyrocket from Douglas Headquarters in Santa Monica, and large photo blow-ups of legendary record-breaking Douglas flight test Aircraft. Expansive easy-to-read signage will complete this exhibit that hearkens back to the exciting and pioneering time of the fabled X-Planes flying over the California desert!