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Cassutt III Formula One Air Racer

Cassutt III Formula One Racer- MOFThe Cassutt is a single place, full cantilever, high performance aircraft. It is fully aerobatic and meets the specifications for competitive racing, “G” loading, safety characteristics and visibility. It is powered by the Continental 0-200, 100 H.P. engine. It’s economical and fuel efficient, cruising at 185-200 MPH at approximately 6 gallons per hour. The mid wing design and has a proven history since “The Golden Days of Racing”. It will do any manoeuvres that the little biplanes can do and take you cross country in no time. It’s construction of steel tube, wood, fabric and fibreglass make it one of the easiest aircraft to build. It is available as a kit, plans or parts for the builder to choose what level of construction.

 Chrome moly steel tubing for fuselage and control surface construction. Truss construction for strength and durability, also provides easy access for inspection and repair. The fuselage is fabric covered from the cockpit aft and has molded fibreglass cowlings from the cockpit forward. The wing is constructed of a one piece spruce spar, 3 ply laminated with a one piece spruce rear spar. Truss ribs built of spruce with skins comprised of four sheets of 3 ply plywood. One piece spring steel landing gear, bolts to the fuselage with four bolts. Full span ailerons driven by two push rods within the fuselage. Stabilizer and elevator are one piece tube assembly. Stabilizer mounts to longeron with four bolts and elevator mounts to stabilizer with three hinges.