Douglas World Cruiser “New Orleans” #4

Douglas World Cruiser | Museum of Flying

Following WWI intrepid airmen everywhere looked at the globe and considered the possibility of circumnavigating the earth in an airplane. The war had shown them how valuable it could be to span vast distances in a short amount of time. Meanwhile in the small California coastal city of Santa Monica, the Douglas Aircraft Company had […]

Douglas DC-3 Monument

DC-3 finished | The Museum of Flying

The Douglas Commercial (DC) Line Prior to the introduction of the Douglas Commercial (DC) line of passenger airplanes, traveling by air was neither practical nor affordable. Fledgling airlines relied on government subsidies for the delivery of mail to stay in business. The cost of a passenger ticket was beyond the price range for most people. […]


A-4 in tow | The Museum of Flying

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a compact, light-weight, carrier-capable ground-attack aircraft designed for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. The aircraft has a wing so compact that it does not need to be folded for carrier stowage. The aircraft’s five hardpoints support a variety of missiles, bombs and other munitions. The A-4 […]

Cessna 172

062612 | Museum of Flying

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four-seat, single-engine, high-wing fixed-wing aircraft. First flown in 1955 and still in production, more Cessna 172s have been built than any other mass-produced light aircraft in history. The Cessna 172 started life as a tricycle landing gear variant of the taildragger Cessna 170, with a basic level of standard […]

Cassutt III Formula One Air Racer

Cassutt III | Museum Of Flying

Cassutt III Formula One Air Racer The Cassutt is a single place, full cantilever, high performance aircraft. It is fully aerobatic and meets the specifications for competitive racing, “G” loading, safety characteristics and visibility. It is powered by the Continental 0-200, 100 H.P. engine. It’s economical and fuel efficient, cruising at 185-200 MPH at approximately […]

Steve Hinton

Steve Hinton | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Steve Hinton Year Inducted: 2016 Steve Hinton, a fixture in the world of warbirds, has performed at airshows around the world since about 1983, more than 150 different types of aircraft. His restoration company has restored more than 40 warbirds to pristine flying condition. He has been President of the Planes of Fame Air Museum [...]

Skip Holm

Skip Holm | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Skip Holm Year Inducted: 2016 Skip James Holm may hold the world record for combat flight hours: 1,172. He retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserve in 1992 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He logged his combat hours flying F-105s and F-4s in the Vietnam War. After three tours of duty in Vietnam, he [...]

Seymour “Si” Robin

Seymour “Si” Robin | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Seymour "Si" Robin Year Inducted: 2016 Seymour "Si" Robin has lifelong accomplishments as the leading designer of antennas for commercial, business and military airborne applications used on nearly every aircraft in the world. With many inventions and patents, Robin is an aviation innovator having made historic contributions to the industry. As CEO and executive vice [...]

Mike Melvill

Mike Melvill | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Mike Melvill Year Inducted: 2018 Michael Winston "Mike" Melvill is one of the test pilots for SpaceShipOne, the experimental spaceplane developed by Scaled Composites. Melvill piloted SpaceShipOne on its first flight past the edge of space - the first privately funded human spaceflight mission to reach space, on June 21, 2004 - thus becoming the [...]

Jim Brooks

Jim Brooks | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Jim Brooks Year Inducted: 2016 Maj. James L. Brooks entered the Army Air Corps in 1942 learning to fly a Fairchild PT-19. He graduated as a Second Lieutenant and in April 1944, and began his combat tour in Europe. There he flew the P-51B Mustang escorting heavy bombers, B-24s and B-17s in the Balkans and [...]