Col. Fitzhugh “Fitz” L. Fulton, Jr

Col. Fitzhugh Fitz L. Fulton, Jr. | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Col. Fitzhugh "Fitz" L. Fulton, Jr Year Inducted: 2015 Col. Fitzhugh "Fitz" L. Fulton, Jr. enjoyed a 40-year career in aviation that would be literally impossible to duplicate today. He flew 235 different types of airplanes and was an experimental test pilot for the U.S. Air Force, NASA, and Scaled Composites, experiencing every generation of [...]

Col. Bob Gilliland

Col. Bob Gilliland | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Col. Bob Gilliland Year Inducted: 2015 Bob Gilliland joined the Navy at age 17, graduated the Naval Academy in 1949, and was commissioned as an Air Force 2nd Lt. After earning pilot wings, he flew F-84 Thunderjets in the Korean War and became a test pilot at Eglin AFB, FL. Gilliland was hired by Lockheed [...]

Clay Lacy

Clay Lacy | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Clay Lacy Year Inducted: 2014 Born in Wichita, Kansas, Clay Lacy began flying at age 12. He had already logged 1,500 hours by age 19, when he joined United Airlines in the right seat of DC-3s. Forty years later, Lacy retired from United as a senior captain, having flown Douglas prop airliners, the DC-8, DC-10, [...]

Burt Rutan

Burt Rutan | California Aviation Hall of Fa
Burt Rutan Year Inducted: 2015 Beginning his illustrious career as a civilian flight test engineer for the U.S. Air Force at Edwards AFB, CA, design impresario Burt Rutan took aeronautical engineering and innovation to levels never before seen. Starting with such revolutionary aircraft as the VariViggen, VariEze, and Long-EZ, Rutan expanded the design envelope with [...]

Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Bob Hoover Year Inducted: 2014 Bob Hoover is considered by his peers as the "pilot's pilot". He has served his country in war and peace as a fighter pilot, test pilot and as a master of aerobatics. His famous yellow P-51 Mustang has been one of the main attractions at the Reno National Air Races [...]

Barry Schiff

Barry Schiff | California Aviation Hall of Fame | Museum of Flying
Barry Schiff Year Inducted: 2018 Captain Barry Schiff began flying at 14, and his career as an aviation writer at 21, when he wrote innovative aviation education products published by Jeppesen Sanderson. Captain Schiff is known for his 12 books and 1,800 plus articles published in 110 aviation magazines. Notably, AOPA Pilot, for which he [...]