Maxflight Simulator

Maxflight SimulatorHave you seen our newest simulator? This is the new Maxflight flight simulator, which is capable of doing more than your average simulator. The Maxflight FS3000 is a full motion simulator thanks to fully interactive 360 degree pitch and roll technology. This means you can go completely upside down. This is also high definition 3D capable and has 5 speaker surround sound. You have many different aircraft to choose from. You can have an intense air to air battle in The Pacific in a P-38 with our Combat Flight Simulator program, or you can have a nice, relaxing flight in a DC-3 over the Los Angeles area in our Flight Simulator X program. Other planes include:

Grumman GooseExtra 300s
Grumman Goose                                                    Extra 300s
Lear 45P-51
Lear 45                                                                P-51
Douglas DC-3F4U Corsair
Douglas DC-3                                                        F4U Corsair

Maxflight puts you in the pilot’s seat and lets you take control! Simulator rides are $8 per person.

Maxflight Simulator at restMaxflight Simulator "in the air"Maxflight Simulator "in the air"

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